HCG Diet Overview

hCG diet overview:

The overall hCG diet concept is actually pretty simple. If you push the “I believe” button and see hCG as a liberator of energy (fat) in your body to make it available for use then you can understand the program. Dr. Simeons tells us in his manuscript that hCG seems to make the fat cells give up their stored energy and when we take the injections this extra energy will be available for us to burn off. So, drop your caloric (and especially fat) intake, take small daily does of hCG, and burn the newly released stored food energy in lieu of the food you would have eaten.

When I was researching I came to the following conclusions, mostly based on Pounds And Inches, but from a few other sources. The human body is an extremely complicated machine that is engineered to survive. It has mechanisms built in that cause it to ensure not only its own survival but the survival of the species. We are built to eat and breed, to perpetuate the human race into eternity. When it is cold we shiver to warm ourselves. When it is hot we perspire to cool ourselves. We have an incredible sexual desire built in and are one of only a few species that engage in recreational sexual activities.

For women when they are pregnant we know the body produces a flood of hCG into her system. Doctors have long since tried to gain knowledge into the realm of hormones, but very little has been able to be proven. One thing that was noted by Dr. Simeons was the fact that pregnant women in impoverished areas, in near famine conditions, were delivering fully developed and generally normal sized babies. The question raised by this “how can a starving woman produce a fully developed and healthy child?”

The postulated answer to this was it had something to do with hCG- the hormone that floods her body during pregnancy. Something in its functions allows for the woman to do this amazing feat. This is where the research began for Dr. Simeons and how his formulation of the diet gained its basis. Essentially, the human organism is built to expect possible times of scarcity during the pregnancy and it provides a mechanism to ensure the fetus is provided with all of its food energy needs to allow for a successful gestational period and a fully developed baby to be born.

Fast forward to present day and the basic concept still can be seen in the diet. There are several versions available and it seems that most, if not all, of them rely on the same basic concept- hCG liberates the stored food energy (fat) while the dieter reduces their actual food intake. The body continues in its energy consumption but now it is burning the newly released fat instead of processing food that was eaten. The programs vary in how to ingest the hCG and how much to eat, but they all restrict the calories taken in, focus very much on eliminating fat intake during the diet phase, and involve the administering of the hormone.

I am not a doctor. I am not professionally trained in the medical sciences. I have no basis to present myself as knowledgeable as to whether this program works, is safe, or is for you. I do have personal experience with the diet and I can say that it seemed to work for me. I also have the ability to research and have found many web communities that are populated with seemingly hundreds of people who have gone through the hCG diet themselves and profess its validity. I will provide you with the most sound advice I can- MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS UNDER THE CARE AND SUPERVISION OF A LICENSED DOCTOR. Your health is number one, right? Don’t take gambles with it on what might get you into trouble! That all being said, there are plenty of people who promote services to step you through the processes involved and done properly the hCG diet can be the answer to your weight loss desires.

Another word- It is my intention to provide you with information, not to sell you things. You will see nothing for sale here. I do not process credit cards- because I don’t sell you things. You will see plenty of times throughout this site that I voice a word of caution about commercial interests. There has been a recent proliferation of websites that are attempting to sell the hCG diet. I have even been approached by some asking ridiculous things of me to shamelessly promote their shameless attempts at getting people to buy their products. There has even been a web builder who has made template sites and sold them for cheap to the uneducated- promising huge profits in the diet industry!!! I would love to expose them here for you but I believe in giving rather than taking- so I send out the best of vibes and make my attempts to point you only in valid and valuable directions.


Be Good!